+TALK: The Many Faces of HIV

Karl Schmid introduces us to Issabella (“Izzy”), Jerry and Fabian – each of whom have very different backgrounds and stories.

Izzy was born with HIV and tells us about growing up with the virus and her battle with AIDS. She fought back with humor and now her virus is undetecable!

Jerry is a bit of a unicorn. He is a straight, cis-gender male who contracted HIV from a woman when he was in his mid-50s. He’s here to share his story and let you know it can happen to everyone. And it’s not just HIV, other STDs are on the rise too.

Fabian was an undocumented immigrant attending high school when he tested positive. Fortunately, the local government and health department did an amazing job getting him care.

Each of our participants share their unique stories – and we can learn form each of them. From how to deal with stigma, the tough high school years, dating and much, more more.

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