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+FUN: Temptation


1.5oz Vodka
.25oz Honey Simple Syrup 
   (1 Part Honey/1 Part Water)
Fill With Grapefruit Juice
Splash Club Soda
Grapefruit Wedge

About Raif: On his 27th birthday, Raif’s greatest fear came to life when he was diagnosed with AIDS. Realizing his ‘victim mindset’ he was determined to change and regain control of his life. Seven years later, Raif is now a pro natural competitive physique bodybuilder. And in realizing that so few role models existed for the HIV community, he now talks about his HIV status on social media in hopes of providing guidance and inspiration to others. With a growing YouTube subscribership and following on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, he shares his life and his journey living with HIV, embracing a fitness lifestyle, personal-growth oriented and inspirationally inclined!

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