Jonathan Van Ness & More!

+ Jonathan van Ness Host Karl Schmid speaks to activist, television personality and podcast star Jonathan Van Ness about their personal journey with HIV, how to deal with stigma and how they became activists, and the most pressing issues people living with HIV face today.

. + Activist Romesa Roy William from Pakistan will join host Karl Schmid to discuss her personal journey as an HIV and trans rights advocate, the challenges in reaching the trans community in Pakistan, and the barriers the trans community in Pakistan faces in accessing HIV testing, prevention and treatment.

One thought on “Jonathan Van Ness & More!

  1. The greatest stigma for long-term AIDS survivors comes from the HIV/positive community; marginalizing us & pretending we don’t exist.
    Telling the public that having HIV is a piece of cake perpetuates lies about the REALITY of HIV and AIDS. Long-term AIDS survivors battle a long list of medical issues and complications everyday. Their only hope for a good day is a CURE (which never comes).
    @JVN needs to be educated about what HIV and AIDS REALLY are like for many people.

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