+FIRST: Ferdinand Garcia

When Ferdinand was diagnosed with HIV, he thought the worst – that he wouldn’t even live another 5 years. So he set out to travel the world, and he reached five years and then ten years of not just surviving but thriving, he began a social media campaign. His story is inspiring, but even more inspiring is how his I AM HIV campaign has touched … Continue reading +FIRST: Ferdinand Garcia

+FIRST: Zainab Kahaye

Zainab’s story isn’t just about HIV, it’s about stigma, shame and immigration – and the power to overcome everything life has thrown at you. Zainab escaped a brutal civil war in Somalia after being married at 12, mothering 6 children and enduring female circumcision only to discover while undergoing testing at an immigration detention center that she is HIV+. Most would have given up. She … Continue reading +FIRST: Zainab Kahaye