Sydney-based Steven Spencer opens up about what it was like to be one of the rare cases to be diagnosed with HIV while on PrEP and how being openly bi-sexual adds to an incredibly personal layer of advocacy to his work today. Continue reading TRUTH BE TOLD: STEVEN SPENCER

+FIRST: Zainab Kahaye

Zainab’s story isn’t just about HIV, it’s about stigma, shame and immigration – and the power to overcome everything life has thrown at you. Zainab escaped a brutal civil war in Somalia after being married at 12, mothering 6 children and enduring female circumcision only to discover while undergoing testing at an immigration detention center that she is HIV+. Most would have given up. She … Continue reading +FIRST: Zainab Kahaye

+FIRST: Polly

David “Polly” Polson was one of the first patients diagnosed with HIV in Australia. He lived through the worst of the AIDS crisis, losing friends, and enduring trials and treatments to help further the advancement of HIV medicines that nearly killed him. It’s thanks to pioneers like him that we have safe, effective treatments for HIV/AIDS today. But his incredible mindset kept him in the … Continue reading +FIRST: Polly