Thanks for watching +LIFE on Localish! Today’s guests were incredibly inspiring! Our fitness guru, Raif Derrazi introduced us to Rebecca Broxterman who introduced to her brand BITI, inspired by her desire to make the world a better place. Rebecca also took us through a workout you can do at home. Artist Alexandria N. Fall revealed how she art to inspire passion about clean oceans and … Continue reading +LIFE on LOCALISH


Today’s episode marked the debut of +LIFE on Localish, and we couldn’t be happier! We launched +LIFE with the intent to “Turn Positive into a Plus” – and that’s what we’re doing on television. Our mission is to inspire people to live their best life through fitness, food, entertaining and health information. Plus, we always have a dash of insightful celebrity interviews because even though … Continue reading +LIFE on LOCALISH

Ambassador Birx Covid-19

+ Ambassador Deborah Birx – Host Karl Schmid talks with Ambassador Birx about global commitments and her current role as White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator and how her past experiences overseeing the implementation of the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and as US Global AIDS Coordinator have helped her tackle this new role. + Guy Vandenberg – Guy Vandenberg, a registered nurse, … Continue reading Ambassador Birx Covid-19

+SCIENCE: #CoronaVirus Cases Increasing

Corona Virus is on the rise again. Please wear a mask, social distance, and be careful. Dr. Anu has the scoop! Here are some useful links to dig deeper on the topic of HIV: Newly Diagnosed with HIV https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/livingwithhiv/newly-diagnosed.html Treatment as Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/art/index.html U=U https://www.preventionaccess.org PrEP https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html PEP – Treatment Immediately After Potential Exposure to HIV https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/pep/index.html Why It’s Important Not to Skip A Dose … Continue reading +SCIENCE: #CoronaVirus Cases Increasing


+ MTV Shuga: Alone Together – Join host Karl Schmid as he talks to leadership and cast members from the award-winning behavioural change campaign MTV Shuga about life during COVID-19 lockdown, what it’s like to live with HIV and why digital content is important during these unique times. MTV Shuga’s “Alone Together” campaign uses short-form episodic vignettes featuring cast members from the show to cover … Continue reading MTV SHUGA

Jonathan Van Ness & More!

+ Jonathan van Ness Host Karl Schmid speaks to activist, television personality and podcast star Jonathan Van Ness about their personal journey with HIV, how to deal with stigma and how they became activists, and the most pressing issues people living with HIV face today. . + Activist Romesa Roy William from Pakistan will join host Karl Schmid to discuss her personal journey as an … Continue reading Jonathan Van Ness & More!

Billy Porter & More!

The official AIDS 2020: Virtual studio show in partnership with +Life. + Billy Porter – A conversation with activist and performer Billy Porter. Together with host Karl Schmid, they will discuss how systematic discrimination impacts HIV, how unequal access to healthcare allows HIV to go untreated and how stigma fosters the spread of HIV, among other topics + A special interview with Dr. Alan McOwan, service director at … Continue reading Billy Porter & More!

+LOVE: Sexual Creativity

Despite being qurantined, Dr. Chris explains that there are several different layers to sex. He encourages everyone to use this time to explore your own sexuality! Dr. Chris Donaghue encourages people to particpate in non-touch sexual contact during COVID-19. Share your experiences below! And add any questions you might have. Here are some useful links to dig deeper on the topics mentioned: Treatment as Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/art/index.htmlContinue reading +LOVE: Sexual Creativity

Dr. Anthony Fauci

The AIDS 2020: Virtual conference kicks off today. +LIFE is proud to announce a daily show produced in partnership with the conference featuring high profile guests, as well as community members from all over the world engaging in conversation with host – ABC entertainment correspondent and +Life co-founder Karl Schmid, sharing their insights, personals stories of resilience, and how we can get to the heart … Continue reading Dr. Anthony Fauci