Dr. Anthony Fauci

The AIDS 2020: Virtual conference kicks off today. +LIFE is proud to announce a daily show produced in partnership with the conference featuring high profile guests, as well as community members from all over the world engaging in conversation with host – ABC entertainment correspondent and +Life co-founder Karl Schmid, sharing their insights, personals stories of resilience, and how we can get to the heart of stigma. Today’s programming includes:

  • + Dr Anthony Fauci   An interview with NIAID Director Anthony Fauci. Host Karl Schmid asks what the impact of COVID-19 is for people living with HIV, the pair discuss whether COVID-19 has disrupted scientific research for the HIV community, and touch on exciting results from a NIAID study of injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP

  • “Ask me Anything” – A special feature focused on myth busting, breaking down stereotypes and misinformation, highlighting the experiences of everyday people living with and affected by HIV from all over the world.

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