+FIRST: Joanne Simons, The Casey House

Joanne Simons is the CEO of The Casey House, Canada’s first and only dedicated HIV/AIDS hospital. They do amazing work caring for their clients. But they also do incredible work bringing the harm that HIV stigma causes to light through amazing campaigns. Be INSPIRED. Watch Joanne’s interview and be sure to visit http://www.smashstigma.ca to see their amazing work in bringing the cost of stigma to … Continue reading +FIRST: Joanne Simons, The Casey House

+FIRST: Jerry Fish

HIV can infect ANYONE. Jerry Fish is living proof. He isn’t the person one thinks of when you think about people living with HIV. He’s a straight guy who contracted HIV in his mid-fifties. Jerry is on a mission to tell anyone and everyone who will listen that HIV can get anyone. That’s why it’s so important to get tested, get on meds and fight … Continue reading +FIRST: Jerry Fish