Raif and Karl wear the masks!


Buy yours now! First started in 1988, the world has observed World AIDS Day as a way to bring attention to this epidemic. What was only a dream 32 years, is now within reach. We can end this epidemic, stop it in its tracks! Thanks to new medicines and scientific understanding around U=U. But we can’t stop HIV/AIDS without stopping stigma. That’s why we’re saying F*STIGMA! Forget it! Fight it! Get … Continue reading BUY YOUR MASK!

+FIRST: Joanne Simons, The Casey House

Joanne Simons is the CEO of The Casey House, Canada’s first and only dedicated HIV/AIDS hospital. They do amazing work caring for their clients. But they also do incredible work bringing the harm that HIV stigma causes to light through amazing campaigns. Be INSPIRED. Watch Joanne’s interview and be sure to visit http://www.smashstigma.ca to see their amazing work in bringing the cost of stigma to … Continue reading +FIRST: Joanne Simons, The Casey House


+ MTV Shuga: Alone Together – Join host Karl Schmid as he talks to leadership and cast members from the award-winning behavioural change campaign MTV Shuga about life during COVID-19 lockdown, what it’s like to live with HIV and why digital content is important during these unique times. MTV Shuga’s “Alone Together” campaign uses short-form episodic vignettes featuring cast members from the show to cover … Continue reading MTV SHUGA

Jonathan Van Ness & More!

+ Jonathan van Ness Host Karl Schmid speaks to activist, television personality and podcast star Jonathan Van Ness about their personal journey with HIV, how to deal with stigma and how they became activists, and the most pressing issues people living with HIV face today. . + Activist Romesa Roy William from Pakistan will join host Karl Schmid to discuss her personal journey as an … Continue reading Jonathan Van Ness & More!

Special Event: #SmashStigma

#SmashStigma is a media event brought to you Casey House and Narrative using pop culture to bring everyday to life by using characters you know and love. http://www.SmashStigma.CA hosts these amazing pieces in which Casey House and their partner used Friends and The Office to show what HIV stigma looks like. Let us know what you think and watch this interview with the creators! Continue reading Special Event: #SmashStigma

+LOVE: Ask the Doctor – How I deal with the trauma and stigma around being HIV+?

Dr. Chris Donaghue answers any and all questions about HIV/AIDS. Today’s question: How does one deal with the trauma and stigma arond being HIV+? Share your experiences below! And add any questions you might have. Here are some useful links to dig deeper on the topics mentioned: Treatment as Prevention https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/art/index.html U=U https://www.preventionaccess.org PrEP https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/prep.html PEP https://www.cdc.gov/hiv/risk/pep/index.html Continue reading +LOVE: Ask the Doctor – How I deal with the trauma and stigma around being HIV+?

+TALK: Self-Destruction

WARNING!  This. Gets. Personal.⁣⁣⁣⁣Self destruction comes from stigma. We need to normalize the dialogue so people don’t turn to this behavior. #EndHIVstigma This week we talk to two amazing survivors who have battled the demon of stigma to get themselves help – and Dr. Chris Donaghue gives us insight in to why some people act out, and how they can get help, following an HIV … Continue reading +TALK: Self-Destruction