Trailblazer: Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Robert Huizenga

Dr. Huizenga is a trailblazer in breaking new science to the public. When Charlie Sheen revealed his status on the Today Show, Dr. Huizenga sat by his side to discuss the intricacies of what we now know as U=U. ⁣At the time, Dr. Huizenga was preaching what wasn’t commonly accepted science in the United States, and many castigated him for it. But American science has … Continue reading Trailblazer: Charlie Sheen’s Doctor Robert Huizenga

Trailblazer: The U=U Guy, Bruce Richman

Bruce Richman of the Prevention Access Campaign introduced the concept of U=U to the broader public when he discovered what scientists had known for years: If you’re on treatment and your viral load is undetectable then you can not transmit the HIV virus. ⁣Backed by science (don’t take our word for it, see our videos with Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Health … Continue reading Trailblazer: The U=U Guy, Bruce Richman

+LOVE: Ask the Doctor

Dr. Chris Donaghue answers any and all questions about HIV/AIDS. Today’s question: Is it safe to dating someone with HIV? Here are some useful links to dig deeper on the topics mentioned: Treatment as Prevention U=U PrEP PEP Continue reading +LOVE: Ask the Doctor


Dr. Anthony Fauci, perhaps the most eminent HIV/AIDS physicians and researchers in the world talks to our Karl Schmid about the progress we’ve made during his career – which started before AIDS even had a name. Dr. Fauci also discuss U=U, and as he says, he doesn’t deal in opinion he deals in facts. And the fact is, U=U has been proven with scientific studies. … Continue reading +SCIENCE